Wellness Learning Theater - Whole Person Wellness

Wellness Learning Theater - Whole Person Wellness

December 2017

What does it really mean to say “Whole Person Wellness” and why are we hearing so much in the press about healthy workplaces.  LEED was launched in 2000 and for the past 17 years corporations have been focused on creating a more sustainable work environment for their employees.  In recent years, with tag lines like “sitting is the new smoking,” and “active design,” employees have become more engaged in understanding how their work environment, where they typically spend 1/3 of their day and 60% of their waking hours, affects their health and wellbeing. We will explore what whole person wellness means, why wellness is important in the workplace, the rating systems and assessments that encourage it, and how to create a culture of wellness.

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Keywords: Seattle 2017, 2017 Seattle Summit, Wellness Learning Theater

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