Open Office Overload - Solutions for Minimizing Noise and Visual Distractions

Open Office Overload - Solutions for Minimizing Noise and Visual Distractions

November 2017

What happens when culture and organizational goals call for an open work environment, but people still need to reduce distractions to get work done? The trend of less individual space, increased transparency and the shift to more community geared toward collaboration has required that companies consider both acoustics & visual distractions in the workplace. Capital One conducts continued assessment of our workspaces through a robust Test & Learn program. Our findings support that noise, visual distraction, and reduced privacy continue to be areas that influence Associate satisfaction scores related to the workplace. As a company that regularly ranks in both Fortune Magazine's Top 100 Companies to work for AND Coolest places to work, how can Capital One's Workplace Solutions (WPS) team provide tactical solutions to reduce the impacts of audible and visual distractions in a 10 million SF portfolio? How can the lessons learned from our robust Test & Learn culture help you influence future design and furniture decisions to positively influence the effectiveness of our work environments? Join us to learn how WPS approaches this opportunity to enhance satisfaction by shaping the physical environment, challenge traditional design, and deliver a highly supportive and flexible environment.

Keywords: Seattle 2017, 2017 Seattle Summit

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