Exponential Technology: Innovation and Disruption on the Road Ahead

Exponential Technology: Innovation and Disruption on the Road Ahead

November 2017

The future is coming much faster than we think.  The increasing rate of change is largely the result of rapidly accelerating exponential technologies such as Infinite Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Printing, Sensors, Networks, and Synthetic Biology. Lines are blurring between industries and startups are creating new opportunities. Peter Diamandis, Chairman and Co-Founder of Singularity University, will addresses the impact that exponentially growing technology has on companies, governments, and humanity. He will provide you with a real sense of exponential growth, and the immediacy of the disruptions and will help you understand how the 6 D's – Digitization, Deception, Disruption, Dematerialization, Demonetization and Democratization – are transformational. Be inspired to see the potential of what can be and develop an entrepreneurial mindset to exploit new opportunities.


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