The Workplace Dilemma! Is there a Workplace that Works for Everyone?

The Workplace Dilemma! Is there a Workplace that Works for Everyone?

November 2017

Low utilization rates along with the drive to increase collaboration and innovation is leading to an increase in open, and often denser unassigned workplace environments. These workplaces, that blur the lines between personal and shared space enable employees to self-select where to sit and may include activity based settings aligned to the task an employee needs to do. But do they work for everyone? Extroverts and collaborators may be thriving but what about introverts and those who need to concentrate or are easily distracted? Join the conversation to investigate the good and not so good of the workplace. You will actively participate by ranking and prioritizing workplace satisfaction drivers in real time using polling software. Then you’ll compare, contrast and discuss these results against US and global data to hone in on what we can do to make a workplace that works for everyone! Hear differing end-user and service provider perspectives along with insights and findings from the Leesman Index global workplace survey database during the discussion of this very current topic.

Keywords: Seattle 2017, 2017 Seattle Summit

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