Mazda's Workplace Strategy for Brand Value Management

Mazda's Workplace Strategy for Brand Value Management

November 2017

Mazda's decision to move its North American HQ facility provided the perfect catalyst to support a cultural transformation that is helping to deliver on a Brand Value Management philosophy. When it came time to design a new HQ facility, innovation within the workplace was a top priority. The new workplace would need to support Mazda Brand Value Management and utilize technology to better enable the workforce to be more efficient, effective and innovative. To achieve these goals a new workplace experience was created to strengthen brand engagement, energize workers, and encourage behavior changes that are aligned with the cultural transformation. In this session, you will see how Mazda pushed the boundaries of traditional workplace programs by creating an integrated workplace strategy incorporating innovative thinking from CRE, IT, HR and Brand Engagement. A diverse panel including Workplace Strategy, CFO, HR and Brand Engagement will share their perspectives on the transformation process, successes, challenges and lessons learned.

Keywords: Seattle2017, 2017 Seattle Summit

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