IoT, Big Data & Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges

IoT, Big Data & Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges

November 2017

Access to building-generated data is dramatically improving the quantity and quality of CRE portfolio utilization analysis. Traditionally, companies have employed a range of techniques to analyze office space utilization. The results have often been far from satisfactory. Others, such as Cisco, are leveraging a variety of previously untapped data sources that are at their fingertips, including badge swipe and WiFi data. While some may believe they have already extracted all the value they can from these sources, the application of smart algorithms, robust databases and new key performance indicators to such data can yield much deeper insights and accelerate the right-sizing of office space. The enterprise has abundant existing data sources, they just need to be harnessed to extract this value. In this session, Cisco reports on the results of the company's adoption of Rifiniti Optimo, an enterprise SaaS for workplace optimization that reports actual utilization and employee mobility, to monitor their CRE portfolio. The rise of IoT and the proliferation of data sources, is allowing customers to collect and analyze data from the existing infrastructure to gain detailed understanding of previously unavailable metrics.

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