Who Is Controlling Your Food Service Operations?

Who Is Controlling Your Food Service Operations?

November 2017

Who's Controlling Your Food Service Operations? In-house food service operations are important contributors to the well-being and productivity of employees in many businesses and corporations. They can be areas of innovation and creativity, providing opportunities for collaboration and camaraderie. Frequently, due to lack of knowledge or experience, these operations go unnoticed, or are not overseen by the corporate real estate group as diligently as other functions -- that is, until you receive the dreaded notice that the employee cafeteria has been closed down by the health inspector, or there is an outbreak of food-borne illness. Financially, these operations are complex, with contracts, procedures and volume that are specific only to the food service industry. If you don't have a strong understanding of the corporate food service business, you may be putting your division at risk, both operationally and financially. This case study will provide a closer look at food service operations, identifying several areas that are critical to their success and what actions to take when things go wrong. It will conclude with a discussion of what preventive actions to take to ensure that employee food service operations function at an optimal level, provide high guest satisfaction and yield appropriate return on investment.

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