The Challenge of Change

The Challenge of Change

September 2017

Market segments are converging, industry lines are blurring and companies that have long stood the test of time are being disrupted at lightning speed. The shifting geopolitical landscape – shaken by a surge of nationalism and a backlash against globalisation – is further complicating an already unpredictable business environment. During this powerful opening session economist, Dr. Linda Yueh, will examine global economic growth and business performance against the backdrop of today’s volatile geopolitical climate. This timely economic outlook will set the stage for author, Johan Norberg, who will focus on globalisation and the implications of change. Together their straight talk and insights will provide a deeper understanding of world events to help you excel in the shifting, changing boundaries of the world in which we partner, compete, and collaborate.

Keywords: London 2017, 2017 London Summit, change management, Dr. Linda Yueh, general session, opening session

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