Blockchain: The Potential for Foundational Change (Knowledge Communities)

Blockchain: The Potential for Foundational Change (Knowledge Communities)

March 2017

While the Internet of Things has become a focus of nearly every aspect of real estate organizations, we are quickly moving towards a world that expands to the Internet of Everything through a variety of Emerging Technologies (ET). Advancing rapidly on this continuum is the Internet of Finance. A major initiative is underway through a blockchain-inspired platform in a collaboration of more than 70 major fintech organizations. This international collaboration called R3 is focused on building the base of the tech stack they hope will become accepted as the industry standard under the Corda Project. R3’s efforts demonstrate financial institutions have firmly planted a stake in the ground, and are focused on identifying ways to both create and monetize this new technology platform.

Keywords: Knowledge Communities, Internet of Things (IoT), emerging technologies (ET), Internet of Finance, blockchain

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