Delivering on the "Here for Good" Promise

Delivering on the "Here for Good" Promise

March 2017

In 2014, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and CBRE agreed to a broad reaching Property & Workplace partnership across Asia Pacific and beyond. This was designed to provide SCB with services that created financial benefits as well as help them achieve their CSR goals and support their corporate "Here for good" message. A key part of this partnership was the creation of a unique Energy Management framework and program. Lessons learnt from partnering across organisations including across countries and disciplines will be shared. The panelists will discuss how an effective energy management framework was developed and the work of the teams to track, measure and understand energy and portfolio dynamics in each market. You will develop a deeper understanding of how they identified various energy management and reduction opportunities to implement a guaranteed energy reduction with risk/reward outcomes. Key Takeaways: • Be able to define what actions are required to develop an effective energy management framework. • Understand what is required for successful partnering, including working across multiple teams and markets through sharing of lessons learned. • Discover innovations required for a successful approach to energy management, including engaging non-traditional suppliers of utilities, leveraging regional and local subject matter experts, and use of centralised analytics.

Keywords: Shanghai2017, 2017 Shanghai Summit, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), CBRE, CSR

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