Integrator Model: Lines Blurred and Driving REal Value

Integrator Model: Lines Blurred and Driving REal Value

March 2017

The Microsoft Integrator Model was established in October 2011. Prior to the implementation of the model, Microsoft Real Estate and Facilities (RE&F) were not seen as a strategic partner to the business. RE&F operated in silos and there was no consistency in delivery and operations. There was an inability to harness best in class service providers to drive real value for Microsoft and positively impact the employee and customer experience. Under the model, CBRE was appointed as the global strategic real estate and business partner accountable for execution excellence across all aspects of real estate and facilities. This session will focus on how the deliberate blurring of lines has enabled a fundamental shift in the planning, delivery and operation of corporate real estate at Microsoft. The discussion will also include the development of their data warehouse and use of Power BI Dashboard that has resulted in one source of the truth for data which is driving optimal decision making. Key Takeaways: • Understand why and how Microsoft RE&F blurred the lines and their wins, the challenges/lessons learned, how the model was altered to meet future expectations. • Discover how the Integrator model enabled RE&F to operate at a different level. • Gain insights from case studies that show how data, technology, long range planning, redesigned workspace and user experience is helping further blur the lines.

Keywords: Shanghai2017, 2017 Shanghai Summit, Microsoft, integration, silos, CBre

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