Sodexo - The 'Quality of Life' Workplace Experience: An Integrated FM Approach

Sodexo - The 'Quality of Life' Workplace Experience: An Integrated FM Approach

March 2017

With an aim to attract a young workforce, organisations are including facilities around health, fitness and recreational spaces in their workplaces. While the FM teams are adept at managing and designing the traditional spaces, a holistic solution encompassing these aspects is somewhat lacking. The challenge is to create workplace experiences that integrate seamlessly within the premises and are embraced by end users. A common occurrence is that solutions are created and managed in silos, without much insights into the end-user needs, preferences, market conditions or company objectives. Consequently, the utilisation is low, creating the mistaken perception that these services and programs are ineffective or unpopular. This case study of the J&J Shanghai office will focus on a unique Quality of Life solution. Discover how form, function and services can come together to positively impact workplace Quality of Life, drive deeper engagement and help retain the workforce of 2017 and beyond. Key Takeaways: • Introducing the “Quality of Life” approach and how it is applied to IFM solutions. • Gain insights into one of Shanghai’s newest, vibrant workplaces – an innovative IFM approach in both facility and service design. • Discover the advantages of end-to-end IFM solutions supported with technical expertise along every step of the way. • Follow J&J’s & Sodexo’s collaboration journey from start to present: solution design, change management, communications and service delivery. • Learn how the “Quality of Life” approach can be linked to an organization’s business strategy.

Keywords: Shanghai 2017, 2017 Shanghai Summit, quality of life

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