East Meets West: Perspectives to Be the BEST We Can Be!

East Meets West: Perspectives to Be the BEST We Can Be!

March 2017

Eastern wisdom traditions have many practices to enhance our lives, to increase our well-being and thrive. These time tested philosophies profess a world beyond what is seen, with immense power and unimaginable possibilities. With the development in quantum, neurobiology and psychology, we now have more scientifically proven insights into such realms of possibilities. In this session, we will understand what science has learned about consciousness, mind and origins of matter. We will explore how this links to the concepts of spirit, energy and the other side of existence from eastern traditions. You will get to open your mind and challenge some of your beliefs – allowing you to explore your potential, well-being and continued growth. Key Takeaways: 1. Understand how the scientific world (predominantly western) perceive the nature of human existence. 2. Explore how the philosophy and eastern traditions have viewed human life and potential. 3. Recognise what possibilities exist for our growth and potential, if we keep our minds open.

Keywords: Shanghai2017, 2017 Shanghai Summit, eastern, western, wisdom, science

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