Not Quite Public, Not Quite Private

Not Quite Public, Not Quite Private

March 2017

Commercial developments are going up faster than ever, with little consideration given to their role as part of the city, or how they connect the people that will inhabit them. But is there a better way? Not Quite Public Not Quite Private explores through a series of case studies, how good design and experiential architecture can reconnect people with each other and the city around them. How buildings can be shaped to enhance casual interaction and creative collaboration with the ultimate outcome of creating greater economic, cultural and social value for developers, tenants and the wider city. The case studies include projects from across the globe which already blur the lines between public and private spaces, as well as a social experiment undertaken by HASSELL's London Studio. This experiment features a prototype building atrium, designed to improve the public's engagement, usage and enjoyment of the space, rather than commercial based goals. The panel will discuss the learnings from the case studies and the social experiment. Delegates will be invited to participate in a discussion on how new private developments can best give back to the city and how issues such as security can be addressed.

Keywords: Shanghai2017, 2017 Shanghai Summit, architecture, privacy, engagement

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