Can Your Building Be Hacked?

Can Your Building Be Hacked?

March 2017

The technological silos that historically existed in corporate buildings placed limitations on how buildings were managed and operated. The days of one system for one function, discrete with no communication to other systems, are quickly eroding. We are moving into the ‘information sharing’ age of buildings. To achieve information sharing, integration of building systems and enterprise systems are required through the joining of two often discrete worlds - the IT department and Real Estate. By working together you can help minimise the risk of hacking. This practical session will cover how a holistic approach to security is required so that your corporation will not be exposed to excessive risk, non-compliance, and the potential for internal and external hackers. Key Takeaways: • Broaden your scope of knowledge on cybersecurity issues and how to work more effectively with your IT organisation. • Develop a better understanding about how to assess information security risk for your organisation.

Keywords: Shanghai2017, 2017 Shanghai Summit, technology, information sharing, IT, hacking

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