Enabling the Business – the Unilever Campus Transformation

Enabling the Business – the Unilever Campus Transformation

March 2017

In keeping with Unilever’s workplace strategy to enable the business in ever changing business context, Unilever’s Workplace Services recently completed a 2.5 year transformation of an old, outdated office environment at their LK1 campus in Shanghai. This complete makeover will support Unilever’s multi-billion dollar business in North Asia and introduce an agile environment that can flex to changing business needs. Without disrupting the daily business operations for close to 1500 employees (over the entire 30 month construction period), a carefully thought out strategic plan and flawless execution were essential to the last detail. This new office supports the dynamic changes in the business structure and has helped to enable reorganisation of the various business groups. Throughout this session you will discover the challenges of this significant undertaking including how the infrastructure has changed to allay the concerns of indoor air quality and improve it to a high degree of compliance. Key Takeaways: • Examine how a good strategic plan from the beginning is critical to the overall success of such a prolonged project in an existing site, without any disruption to the business. • Gain practical advice on indoor air quality issues and the steps taken to improve it to a high degree of compliance. • Gain a deeper understanding of the project team’s challenges in communication, budget, time, design and org changes, and how they successfully completed the project on time and within budget.

Keywords: Shanghai2017, 2017 Shanghai Summit, Unilever

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