Little More Happier: Practices From the Field of Positive Psychology

Little More Happier: Practices From the Field of Positive Psychology

March 2017

If we inquire deep into the aspirations and consequent actions of people, we end up with the ultimate currency - the drive to be happy. Recent findings in psychology links happy workplaces to increased productivity, innovation and talent retention. Happy individuals tend to experience higher levels of well-being and longevity. Organisations and communities are attempting to influence the happiness index, including some nations who have instituted policies and measurement mechanisms. In this session, we will present a framework to understand happiness with the factors that influence it. We will share few techniques proven by research to live a well-balanced, sustainable and self-fulfilled life, thus role modeling and leading others around you. Key Takeaways: • Discover insights about happiness, leading to greater state of well-being, a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction. • Strengthen your leadership capabilities by helping your team to achieve higher levels of well-being, productivity and loyalty.

Keywords: Shanghai2017, 2017 Shanghai Summit, happiness, psychology

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