Designing For the Fintech Revolution in Asia

Designing For the Fintech Revolution in Asia

March 2017

The Fintech sector is changing organisational and space requirements for the future. Financial services are beginning to use technology as customer touch-points and technology services are creating financial systems that are more efficient. This is creating an inherent tension between worker types that traditionally inhabit each of these sectors. This session will focus on these changes and the resultant impact on workplace design when the two divergent sectors meet. It will provide valuable lessons for organisational real estate strategy and spatial solutions for the future. Key Takeaways: • Gain insights into Fintech genesis, current types of Fintech and future trajectory. • Discover design innovation driven by the coming together of two very distinct worker profiles that traditionally inhabit the Financial sector and Technology Sector. • Examine what the future may hold for both developers and CRE professionals that are planning workplaces for the Fintech sector.

Keywords: Shanghai2017, 2017 Shanghai Summit, fintech, financial services, technology

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