A look at data centers and the corporate real estate portfolio

A look at data centers and the corporate real estate portfolio

March 2017

Although rarely seen or even acknowledged, during the last 10 years, data centers have become a prevalent part of today’s society and a critical component to most companies’ business and real estate portfolios. Data centers are the linchpin to powering modern business and the disruptive models that provide immediate access to almost anything, including sharing and viewing photos of family and friends, ordering on-demand automobile transportation or streaming entertainment content, and, best of all, connecting to people all over the world. The evolution in technology has allowed corporations to rethink how they work and undertake extensive innovation projects that will allow people to experience goods and services that just simply were not available a few years ago. These amazing features and benefits we experience daily need to be processed, stored and managed somewhere, somehow. That’s where data center real estate comes into play.

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