Knowledge Worker Productivity: Six Factors That Change Everything

Knowledge Worker Productivity: Six Factors That Change Everything

January 2017

“There is no single way, no single metric, to measure knowledge-worker productivity,” Jan began. “It’s because the processes in various businesses are so complex and so different. We can’t measure it like we can a purely output-based scenario, such as manufacturing.” The key question to ask, she said, is this: What is known about the key performance indicators used to measure professional productivity in my knowledge-based business? Much can be learned, and gained, from focusing on the six factors that are correlated to knowledge-worker productivity. These include: 1) social cohesion; 2) perceived supervisory support; 3) information sharing; 4) vision and goal clarity; 5) external outreach; and 6) trust. “These are incredibly important,” Jan said, “not just nice-to-haves.” Those six factors can be considered proxy measures for productivity. “They work across all industries and sectors, and around the world,” she reported.

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