CRE and FM Data Management, Reporting and Analytics

CRE and FM Data Management, Reporting and Analytics

January 2017

Michele began by providing some background on Unilever and its lines of business, the company’s real estate footprint, and its CRE organization. Unilever has approximately 169,000 employees around the world, delivering products in four major categories: home care, personal care, foods, and refreshments. Sustainability is key to the corporate culture. “The company wants to reduce its environmental footprint while growing,” Michele said. “Business growth is not at odds with sustainability.” Real estate management, facilities management, and travel are bundled together as Workplace Services, which is part of Enterprise & Technology Solutions (ETS). Unilever’s real estate portfolio comprises 8.9 million square meters in more than 1,400 sites around the world.

Keywords: Corporate Real Estate Forum, CREF, London

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