Boston Corporate Real Estate Forum October 2016 Summary

Boston Corporate Real Estate Forum October 2016 Summary

January 2017

As part of our new Strategic Insights Series, CoreNet Global’s Corporate Real Estate Forums replace Discovery Forums and elevate the conversation beyond real estate alone. We’re bringing you expert speakers on today’s most pressing business challenges: Talent, Risk, Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Technology, and more. They’ll not only give you the latest insights on these crucial topics, but tell you what it all means for corporate real estate management. These Forums often will be held at academic institutions and will draw on subject matter experts from the local academic and business community. By elevating the conversation in this way, Corporate Real Estate Forums will help our members elevate their careers and prepare to become, in the words of our Corporate Real Estate 2020© research, true “Enterprise Leaders.”

Keywords: CoreNet Global, Corporate Real Estate Forum, CREF, Boston, climate change, sustainability

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