CRE and Sourcing – Partnership Through Integrated Solutions

CRE and Sourcing – Partnership Through Integrated Solutions

October 2016

Tension often exists between CRE and Sourcing organizations. But the opportunity exists for a creative, integrative and collaborative partnership that delivers value to an organization. Both disciplines are essentially comprised of skilled professionals who negotiate for a living and seek to deliver value to their organization. Working together, both have the opportunity to practice disruptive innovation, anticipate emerging trends and drive strategic initiatives, rather than react to emerging requirements. This interactive panel discussion will challenge the notion that Sourcing is destined to be a tactical necessity of the process and instead be a viable partner with CRE, making it possible to drive value, exceed expectations and raise the bar on goal delivery. Gain practical insights on how to build sustainable relationships, effective teams and partnerships to ensure internal service delivery performs above expectations. Learn how you can provide leverage and synergy by capitalizing on the skill sets of your internal partners to drive better decisions and thought innovation. Join the conversation and share your success stories!

Keywords: CoreNet Global, Summit, North America, Philly2016, talent management, outsourcing, sourcing, innovation

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