All Aboard The HyperLoop - NY to ATL: 41 mins

All Aboard The HyperLoop - NY to ATL: 41 mins

October 2016

Imagine a not-too-distant future, in the next ten to twenty years, when a new type of transportation has emerged, beyond what we know today in the form of cars & trucks, planes, trains and ships that can move at the speed of sound, transporting people and products across the globe in a way that is safe, secure and sustainable. Dave Clute, presenting on behalf of the Rocky Mountain HyperLoop Consortium, will provide an update of how this new type of transportation could help transform our built environment and provide new options for how and where we work and live in Net-Zero Communities.

Keywords: CoreNet Global, Summit, North America, Philly2016, Rocky Mountain HyperLoop Consortium, Denver, Houston, transportation, net-zero

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