The Merge: Workplace + The Public Realm

The Merge: Workplace + The Public Realm

October 2016

The modern workplace has undergone fundamental change and continues to evolve. The way people work is changing and traditional workplace configurations are challenged to keep up with providing the relevant context for these new dynamics. Our public realm is changing too. Population shifts in both cities and suburbs pose challenges and opportunities related to new levels of density, sustainable resource management, resilient infrastructures, as well as new forms of civic engagement at neighborhood levels and in the digital domain, to name but a few. These changes at an urban scale impact how and where public life happens and how it interacts with new modalities of work. This panel discussion will explore the impacts of changing dynamics of work on the workplace and on the public realm. The discussion builds upon a yearlong research studio between Stanford University and Northeastern University, which explored the topic through a variety of scales and media.

Keywords: CoreNet Global, Summit, North America, Philly2016, workplace, Stanford University, Northeastern University

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