Harnessing the Energy and Talents of a Diverse “Firebrand Generation”

Harnessing the Energy and Talents of a Diverse “Firebrand Generation”

October 2016

Recent college graduates in the workforce today grew up with a lack of stability, as evidenced by September 11th and the rise of Homeland Security, recent wars, collapsing world markets and resulting lack of job security or underemployment. They were considered the “over-supervised” generation, with a capacity to accept rapid technological change. In contrast, the younger generation of post-Millennials – i.e. freshmen in college, recently called the “Firebrand Generation” by the New Yorker – are being shaped by more recent events and activities like an increase in campus activism, Black Lives Matter, transgender rights, marriage equality, suspicion of the political process and its guardians. They expect, not hope, for a different and better world, and the ability to attain their “dream job.” Is your company preparing for the next big changes in this near-future workforce?

Keywords: CoreNet Global, Summit, North America, Philly2016, future workplace, Millennials, post-Millennials, talent, JLL

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