EY Legacy Builders: Creating a Highest Performing Team

EY Legacy Builders: Creating a Highest Performing Team

October 2016

Technical knowledge or experience is of little use without the ability to form, lead or be a member of a high performing team. The Race Across America (RAAM) is the toughest bike race in the world, covering 3,100 miles, and 170,000 of elevation gain in only seven days; it has been a supreme test of human endurance and teamwork for more than 35 years. Come and hear how EY’s team not only won in their RAAM division, but also raised the profile of College MAP, EY’s signature volunteer mentoring program, and engaged people from across the firm in an inspiring, on-of-kind teaming experience. You’ll learn about our adventures on the road (from getting lost and altitude sickness, to collisions and trips to the hospital) and take away some of our lessons learn that can help you energize and strengthen teams within your own organization.

Keywords: CoreNet Global, Summit, North America, Philly2016, EY, Race Across America (RAAM), College MAP, volunteer mentoring, bike race

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