CoreNet Global and Sodexo Understanding the Image of CRE as a Profession and Career Survey (survey report)

CoreNet Global and Sodexo Understanding the Image of CRE as a Profession and Career Survey (survey report)

October 2016

Corporate Real Estate (CRE) executives control 20-30% of spend in companies, and their role is continually evolving. As corporations begin to focus on workplace experience, employee wellness and healthy buildings, the nature of CRE work will only continue to grow and expand. These emerging responsibilities create the need for new skillsets and new talent; however, the profession struggles with homogeneity, a lack of diversity and significant age concentration. The presence of a looming talent cliff is not a new issue, but it is quite prominent in the CRE industry. One potential reason is the image of this profession – or rather the lack thereof. Many college graduates and other potential candidates may not know what CRE is and what it has to offer as a profession. Alternatively, they may have a negative view of CRE, furthered perhaps by a lack of appreciation of the function in some corporate C-Suites. To examine these image value issues in greater detail, CoreNet Global and Sodexo conducted a survey among CRE professionals and end-users across the globe. The results of the survey indicate that CRE is an exciting and rewarding profession, offering the flexibility sought out by many new entrants into the workforce. However, it is clear that CRE would benefit from enhanced promotion of the industry. With respect to understanding and appreciating the profession, the survey revealed a significant gap between CRE professionals and those not within the field. Many in CRE are aware of these image-related issues, and the survey highlighted initiatives that some individuals are taking to better promote their field of work.

Keywords: CoreNet Global, Sodexo, image value, profession, survey

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