M&As – A Big Deal for Corporate Real Estate!

M&As – A Big Deal for Corporate Real Estate!

September 2016

Global M&A activity hit a new high in 2015, which saw the first run of back-to-back $1 trillion+ quarters since 2000. In Europe, healthy corporate balance sheets, renewed confidence and attractive financing conditions have boosted this activity. Companies are once again exploring M&As as a way to secure a competitive edge. Real estate can be a highly efficient way to maximise value from these mega deals. However, CRE executives, are operating against an increasingly complex backdrop. How well are you prepared to navigate a complicated market? Are we learning from our experiences and adapting to our environment, or are we locked into a path that leaves us as inflexible as the physical real estate assets that we manage? Panelists will share their insights into what facilitates a successful M&A programme, and review when property should enter discussions to deliver the greatest value.

Keywords: 2016 Amsterdam Summit, EMEA, Amsterdam2016, mergers & acquisitions

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