Uncovering CRE's Future Risks

Uncovering CRE's Future Risks

September 2016

Are you aware of the future corporate real estate risk within your organization? Engage with the session presenters and participants in a discussion that delves into the future of 2025. You will participate in making an inventory of future risk perceptions in the context of future challenges for corporate real estate. Collectively you will share your insights and discover how risk perception is likely to change based on an on the spot analysis of potential future risks and comparing them to an existing 2014 risk perception benchmark study. Through interactive exercises you will discuss the findings to build insights about the differences in future risk perception. You may even be surprised to learn of trends or events that are likely to happen between now and 2025 and how they might cause a change in risk perception. Risk perception is the subjective judgment made about the characteristics and severity of risks and potential threats. How organizations and professionals react to the evidence of risk is mediated by many factors. The evaluation of evidence, trends, how information is communicated, social and cultural influence, political and economic interests, and even personal experiences can all influence perceptions about risk.

Keywords: 2016 Amsterdam Summit, EMEA, Amsterdam2016, risk

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