Target 2020: Health and Human Sustainability

Target 2020: Health and Human Sustainability

September 2016

Imagine the office in 2020: how will our personal desire to live healthier lives transform the world of work. And what will a healthy life look like 10 years from now? The work environment is changing, impacted by increasing numbers of older citizens, the growing influence of automation, smart and sustainable buildings and the need to retain talent. What are the opportunities for real estate in this era of big data and DIY health? Can the workplace strategy drive value within the business by moving beyond sustainability to human sustainability? A recent, unique research project shows the benefits to business of focusing on human sustainability. Scientists of the Universities of Twente and Amsterdam conducted a seven month study of healthy employees in a live office environment. The surprising findings of this study will be shared. See how they compare with commonly accepted research and aspirations. Join the discussion about the changes and benefits of offices that are geared to human sustainability. How will this affect our responsible business programs? Will we see the emergence of a ‘human based office’ in EMEA? Will future workplaces evolve into new and unique solutions creating more productivity and adding to the quality of life? According to CBRE’s Global WorkPlace innovation roadmapping research results, focusing on human sustainability or ‘wellness’, is a growing trend.

Keywords: 2016 Amsterdam Summit, EMEA, Amsterdam2016, health, wellness, human sustainability

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