The Edge: The World’s Most Sustainable Building

The Edge: The World’s Most Sustainable Building

September 2016

How does good design and advances in technology help to create a sustainable and truly revolutionary business ecosystem? Amsterdam's landmark The Edge building is recognised as one of the most innovative and sustainable office buildings in the world. It achieved a BREEAM rating of outstanding and score of 98.36%. In 2015, The Edge and OVG received the Sustainable Leadership Awarded presented by CoreNet Global and were awarded The 2015 Global Innovator’s Award. During this session you will experience the completed building and consider how innovative design, technology and advanced data analytics have been used to create an office environment with outstanding levels of sustainability. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of how The Edge's advanced data analytics system, enables real time, interactive control and dashboard monitoring of every facet of the building. The benefits of using central and smartphone applications to provide facilities managers and end-users with incredibly fine degrees of control over the building's state-of-the-art connected lighting system and temperature/ventilation systems will be examined. Discover how the orientation and location of the Edge helps deliver enough energy to power every laptop, smartphone and electric car used by occupants. You will gain insights on lessons learnt on how wellbeing is enhanced by an efficient use of space and increased interaction with the building's systems. The speakers will share a fascinating look at how the organisation's culture has changed in response to the interactive working environment.

Keywords: 2016 Amsterdam Summit, EMEA, Amsterdam2016, The Edge, sustainability

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