CITY TECH - Intelligent Real Estate for a Smarter Shanghai

CITY TECH - Intelligent Real Estate for a Smarter Shanghai

July 2016

Today, the world is urbanising, urban areas are taking on ever-increasing economic importance, the use of technology is expanding and resources are becoming scarcer. In order to deal with these issues as well as the increasing demand placed on municipal services and the continuing drive for efficiency, cities need to become smarter. Upon reading our report; CityTech: Intelligent real estate for a smarter Shanghai, you will: • Understand how technology can be used by cities, and commercial buildings in particular, to make the urban environment that much smarter; •Comprehend what smart city development has taken place in China and Shanghai and what the 13th Five Year plans for China and Shanghai have in store for smarter city development in the future in the region, and; •Acquire insight on how smart city development has been executed around the globe and what lessons China and Shanghai can learn from this experience. Moreover, you will understand the potential for commercial real estate development in China and in Shanghai to be become more intelligent in the context of: •Smart office property in the context of tech facilitating an increase in efficiency; •Smart retail property in the context of tech enabling a boost in asset value, and; •Smart industrial logistics property in the context of tech augmenting sustainability.

Keywords: Real Estate, Smart City, Technology, Location Strategy

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