Mindful Leadership: Self-Awareness in the Changing Landscape

Mindful Leadership: Self-Awareness in the Changing Landscape

April 2016

Executives in high stress environments are learning mindfulness exercises as tools to enhance their performance and facilitate greater wellbeing. They recognise that a key core leadership competency is the ability to effectively manage change within the organisation and stay resilient in the midst of changing environments. They have a greater capacity to ‘respond’ to difficulty situations rather than ‘react’ to them. A core principle of Mindful Leadership is about unlocking your innate ability to ride the winds of change through Self-Awareness. Explore the beauty of your mind and unlock its capabilities to influence yourself and others as you effectively lead and manage. The best is not yet to be, but already within you.

Keywords: 2016 Singapore Summit, APAC, Singapore2016, mindful leadership, stress, wellbeing

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