Geopolitical Change Disrupts BP

Geopolitical Change Disrupts BP

April 2016

When BP’s core product price changes – everyone on the planet is impacted! The dramatic halving of oil prices began in late 2014 and is predicted to continue beyond 2016. This is not a short term shock; it's a medium term trend. A low oil price significantly affects BP's revenues and its response as one of the global energy majors has affected the entire business. This session will focus on how one of the biggest geopolitical trends is being addressed in a very quick, agile manner to deliver tangible financial results and cultural change. From sweeping workplace change in multiple locations to a more effective collaboration with suppliers on new ways to drive down cost and share risk / reward. Gain valuable insights into how leaders at all levels can deliver swift results by engaging with corporate objectives.

Keywords: 2016 Singapore Summit, APAC, Singapore2016, geopolitical change, BP, oil, workplace

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