Ethonomics: Social, Economic and Environmental Ethics

Ethonomics: Social, Economic and Environmental Ethics

April 2016

Ethonomics is a process of integrative thinking, a synthesis of design, technology, science and humanistic principles, set within the context of social, economic and environmental ethics. Applied to real estate strategy, Ethonomics is an ideology whereby organizations leverage their facilities portfolio to support their employees' well-being, contribute to the economic health of their communities, and advance their environmental mission simultaneously. Engage in a facilitated roundtable discussion with experts on the built environment who bring different perspectives; a real estate broker, designer, and end user. This thought provoking discussion will include how to apply the mindset and the methods of Ethonomics to an organization's design and real estate strategy in support of people and planet, with the ultimate goal of supporting corporate profitability.

Keywords: 2016 Singapore Summit, APAC, Singapore2016, ethics, ethonomics

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