CoreNet Global and Sodexo Manufacturing Industry Survey [survey report]

CoreNet Global and Sodexo Manufacturing Industry Survey [survey report]

January 2016

Across the globe, the manufacturing industry is vital for economic prosperity, contributing to exports, offering much needed employment and ultimately increasing the standard of living. It is an essential source of innovation and a driver of global competitiveness, fostering research & development and economic growth. In the United States, every dollar spent in manufacturing adds $1.37 to the national economy, and for every 100 jobs created in a manufacturing facility, an additional 250 jobs are created in other sectors. In 2012, manufacturing accounted for approximately 16% of global GDP and 14% of employment, and its importance continues to grow.3 Despite this favorable outlook, manufacturers will face significant challenges in the coming years. This survey seeks to understand some of the key priorities for manufacturers as well as their strategies for growth, specifically with respect to capabilities, physical resources and human capital.

Keywords: Manufacturing, Sodexo, Organizational Priorities, Innovation

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