Global Portfolio Integration - In Just Six Months!

Global Portfolio Integration - In Just Six Months!

November 2015

In 2014 Lenovo acquired IBM's x86 server business - making Lenovo one of the world's largest providers of cloud, personal computing, server and mobile devices. But the acquisition in and of itself is not the whole story here - what makes this case study out of the ordinary is that the acquisition more than doubled the size of Lenovo's global real estate portfolio. The time frame to integrate x86 fully into Lenovo was only six months creating a huge challenge for the six person RE team. This included executing transactions in 37 locations around the globe, including some with sophisticated lab space requirements. In order to execute on such a large scale within such a compressed timeline Lenovo knew that it needed to gather a team of global partners they could trust to keep up with the strict and streamlined process required. The session panelists will describe some of the challenges; and each of the service provider partners will describe a particular lesson learned through their experience on this integration.

Keywords: Los Angeles Summit 2015, Lenovo, IBM, acquisition, sustainability

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