The Glass Ceiling: Not just a Women’s Issue

The Glass Ceiling: Not just a Women’s Issue

November 2015

Gender-diverse businesses have 14% higher revenue and 19% higher net profit. In addition, companies with greatest representation of women achieve 47% greater return on equity and 55% better earnings. As CRE leaders - don’t we all want a piece of this action? Join us in a lively panel discussion that challenges why only 15% of C-suite jobs belong to women and wonders why the P&L responsibilities of women are typically 2-3x smaller than their male counterparts. What's going on? Why don’t men and women strive to break through the glass ceiling together when it makes good business sense. We'll hear from a mixed panel (both male & female) who bring diverse perspectives on how to explore and practically support women's advancement, meritocracy, women's roles, men's and women's responsibilities, business results, and more.

Keywords: Los Angeles Summit 2015, glass ceiling, gender, hiring, advancement

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