Tap that App: @Work Capital One's App

Tap that App: @Work Capital One's App

November 2015

Want to see what is available in the café's for lunch? How about real time shuttle locations and ETAs? Got a facility request? Just tap your app to get this information, and much more, for your location! Workplace Solutions has delivered a new engagement experience for associates needing real estate services. They developed and deployed @Work, Capital One's first associate facing app, putting the power of their services in associate's hands. Come see how they make their associate's workday informational, intuitive and real time with a tap! @Work creates a hub-like capability for lines of business to deliver services to associates real time. It delivers customized, user specific location information about their buildings and offerings in a way that is easy to use and immediate. Development of the app created a unique opportunity to partner with technology teams to build a platform that is the foundation for multiple functions across the enterprise. @Work is the place where all associate apps want to be and ensuring growth of the value of the app was a key element of the design.

Keywords: Los Angeles Summit 2015, Capital One, app, Workplace Solutions, design

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