What Would Happen If We Were To...

What Would Happen If We Were To...

November 2015

An effort to consolidate and relocate various businesses will result in 10,000 earth scientists occupying ExxonMobil's new corporate campus north of downtown Houston. This mammoth undertaking began eight years ago with a simple question about what the real estate impact of consolidating selected business units. A five-step process was employed to outline ExxonMobil's program: Articulate strategy; Identify business facts; Identify requirements; Develop and evaluate viable options; and prepare a strategy and publish an actionable plan. Out of this deeply analytical approach grew the notion of three realms of work and the planning challenges at the heart of a new corporate campus model: Create the dynamism of an urban vibe. Promote the scale and collegiality of the campus. Stimulate the nurturing, restorative benefits of nature.This session will explore the evolutionary way in which a highly disciplined company now uses office space and its impact to ExxonMobil's real estate and workplaces across the globe.

Keywords: Los Angeles Summit 2015, ExxonMobil, PDR, workplace trends, campus

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