A Global Portfolio - I Can See Clearly Now

A Global Portfolio - I Can See Clearly Now

November 2015

You manage hundreds of buildings and have all metrics for square footage, seating capacity, utilization, costs of many types, critical lease dates, and so forth. It doesn’t mean a thing, unless the data is turned into actionable intelligence. This actionable intelligence becomes a beneficial disrupter to the typical decision-making process; the process now becomes faster, more detailed, and more fact-based. Intelligence changes the game. This presentation will review the goals, processes, and outcomes in the development of innovative dashboards and reports that have dynamic functionality; individual metrics and visualizations can be further explored to identify performance trends. The presentation will show that highly effective visual dashboards can be created using standard off-the-shelf software, eliminating the need for high cost packages, version updates, and customization.

Keywords: Los Angeles Summit 2015, Merck, JLL, data, facilities management

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