Drones: Fact, Fiction and the New Reality

Drones: Fact, Fiction and the New Reality

November 2015

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as drones, are becoming commercialized. Businesses of all types have already started experimenting with the unmanned aircraft, all in the hope that the new technology will open new avenues for revenue and data. The real estate sector has started to find ways to use the flying devices, and although their use is still early, the results seem promising. This timely session will include a case study by Clayco which is one of the first FAA approved companies using drones on construction sites. You’ll have the opportunity to discover the latest insights from the CEO of a leading UAV supplier, legal discussion from a corporate real estate perspective, and a CRE service provider view. You’ll see how drones are being used to capture data, and you’ll hear from these experts on both the challenges and the exciting future of drones.

Keywords: Los Angeles Summit 2015, Skycatch, drones, UAVs, data

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