Are you Equipped for 2018 and Beyond?

Are you Equipped for 2018 and Beyond?

November 2015

Institute For the Future (IFTF) was recently named as one of the five most innovative, futuristic nonprofits by Fast Company magazine and are thought leaders in the future of work. One area of research focus centers on the workplace and new skills that will be necessary in 2018. Technological advances are constantly happening, but organizations can prepare for these changes by examining certain trends that could shape the future of work. IFTF builds on their ongoing research by developing a set of tools or skills that will help other organizations succeed in the changing world of work, such as self- motivation, managing time across income sources, and online labor market management. This panel will address IFTF's research findings on the future of work, and how organizations need to or are developing ways to adapt to change to create a greater competitive advantage.

Keywords: Los Angeles Summit 2015, Institute For the Future (IFTF), nonprofit, workplace

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