Decisive Disruption: Online Auctions and Negotiauctions

Decisive Disruption: Online Auctions and Negotiauctions

November 2015

Is it possible to effectively sell attractive real estate assets and Sale-Lease-Backs using online auctions? Real Estate is significantly more complex than typical online commodities but after just a few pilots, Online Auctions has become the norm at the global shipping conglomerate, Maersk, and they have already sold online with great success on 3 continents. According to Maersk the key advantages have been; 1) higher sales prices beating valuations with a margin, 2) an efficient sales process without long drawn negotiations and frustrations, 3) fairness and transparency for all stakeholders. But what are the potential pitfalls and challenges?

Keywords: Los Angeles Summit 2015, negotiauctions, auctions, Maersk, bid

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