Employee Wellness: How Does Your Workplace Make You Feel?

Employee Wellness: How Does Your Workplace Make You Feel?

October 2015

Today’s workplace is more than just an accumulation of cubes and offices, interrupted by a scattering of conference rooms. It is a dynamic network of places—a combination of the physical and the cultural. It is a rich stage for behaviors and connections. The modern workplace is a tool for business and a touchstone for culture. The place where we spend a third of our lives deserves the attention of anthropologists, human resource professionals, technologists, social scientists, journey mappers and storytellers. We need to embrace this larger concept of the workplace and let it expand our thinking so we can focus on the true value of the workplace, that of elevating the employee experience to make it the most engaging and productive it can be. Wellness is a significant part of this more liberated view of the workplace. In the past five years, wellness has become a key topic in workplace conversations in real estate and human resources (HR). In an effort to learn more about the practical actions companies are taking to make wellness a part of today’s workplace, Colliers surveyed more than 200 of our clients in the summer of 2015. We asked them to tell us about the priorities they were setting and the actions they were taking to make wellness a reality at their companies.

Keywords: Wellness, Workplace, Lifestyle, Employee Demand, Costs

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