How You Work

How You Work

September 2015

Following the DTZ Coworking Revolution report published last year, they have continued to track the trends driving demand not only for Coworking, but also the wider Flexible Office sector. Flexible Office operators are expanding rapidly due to the global popularity of the business model. Interviews with providers, landlords, corporates and small companies illustrate that Flexible Offices have become a fully-fledged alternative to the traditional office. This report sets out to explore the trajectory of the Flexible Office from the Business Centre of the 1980s to the Coworking space of the twenty first century. Analysing the key determinants of growth in London, New York, Berlin and Shanghai, and assessing the impact of modern cultural trends on the demand for flexible working. We investigate the extent of this demand, not only considering its impact on the Coworking and serviced office industries, but real estate investors, landlords and corporate organisations.

Keywords: Flexible Offices, Coworking, Cost, Risk, Futuer

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