Digital Disruption in Commercial Real Estate

Digital Disruption in Commercial Real Estate

August 2015

Rapid advances in technology are poised to disrupt many of the sectors that anchor Canada’s economy. The impact will be felt across the country, yet many Canadian businesses aren’t ready for it – including the real estate industry. Today, digital disruption is all-pervasive, with technology integrated into our everyday lives. Digital innovation is changing economies and markets, reinventing the way business is done in all industries across the globe. The level of technology advancement organizations are facing today is akin to the industrial revolution of the early 1900s – and it’s accelerating our businesses and operating models. No industry is untouched. Some have been impacted immediately, and others, such as real estate, are just now feeling the profound influence of the digital transformation that has been taking place over the past two decades.

Keywords: Canada, disruption, technology, digital, workplace

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