Pursuit of Sustainability Brings Manufacturing Back Into Town

Pursuit of Sustainability Brings Manufacturing Back Into Town

August 2015

Environmentally friendly products have gained widespread adoption by consumers in recent years. At the same time, companies have focused on increasing the efficiency with which these products are made, leading to the success of energy efficiency programs such as Energy Star (a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program). As more consumers consider not only the products that companies make, but also how and where those products are made, companies are increasingly incorporating holistic sustainability goals such as LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) certification into their industrial facility planning process. Through experience with this process, Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) has found that companies would be well-advised to include site selection among the top activities driving LEED certification. In other words, careful consideration should be given not only to how the building is designed, but also to where the building is located, in order to achieve targeted LEED credits. In some cases, as this paper will describe, location considerations based on sustainability principles including LEED criteria are driving manufacturing facilities back into town after decades of expansion into less urban locations.

Keywords: Sustainability, manufacturing, LEED, site selection, energy

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