Wellness at Work

Wellness at Work

March 2015

Many companies are currently discussing the benefits of wellness in the workplace with focus on health/wellbeing of employees as a 'bottom line' issue. The challenge is for many companies to build a strong business case to support an increased investment in employees wellness at work. In this session you will learn from two case studies where wellness concepts have been introduced in the workplace to increase productivity and engagement, and their impact has been accurately measured. Through innovative measuring techniques, E3’s highly accurate research, measured the positive impact on physical wellness (biometrics) on employees who were encouraged by their employers to change postures, stand and walk more at work. Haworth and E3 will share how bio-sensor technology was integrated into a 5 week study that was performed with Fujitsu Labs and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Speakers: Despina Katsikakis; Iolanda Meehan

Keywords: Hong Kong Summit 2015, Health, Benefit, Risk, People, Engagement, Productivity

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